Tips for Beginners

What is Lang-8 ?

Lang-8 is a free language-exchange social network. 

Just write a journal in any language you’re learning, and it will appear to native speakers of that language. They’ll correct it and leave useful comments and feedback.


In return, you check other users’ journals written in your native language. 


By checking each other’s journals, you can improve your skill in any number of languages, help others to master your native language, and make a lot of friends along the way.

Language learning doesn’t have to be done with dusty textbooks anymore! Let’s make some friends and learn some languages on Lang-8!


Is Lang-8 really free?

How to register

My Lang-8 page

Using the Lang-8 Menu

The Contents Menu

User menu & Settings

Your profile

Editing your profile

Posting a new journal

How to write a journal

How to upload a picture

Correcting other users’ journals

How to correct journals

Communicating with other users

What is “My Friends” ?

How to send a “My Friends” invitation

How to accept a “My Friends” invitation

How to send a message

How to join a group

Closing your account

How to close a Lang-8 membership

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